Mic Bles, Jus Da Ill Music

Photography by Vantsa of Kkidz

Growing up during the Golden Era of Hip Hop and drawing influence from prolific rappers and battle freestylers, Oxnard, CA born and raised, Jesse Vazquez, Mic Bles, became fascinated with the Hip Hop culture after watching break dancers and graffiti artists all over southern California. Honing his freestyling skills from a young age along with childhood friends, the group began to perform at house parties and street corners to draw even the smallest of audiences. They became a part of a budding Hip Hop community in the 805 area code and they went as far as sneaking into back stages to stay connected with the Hip Hop scene.

Tough situations in his home life prompted Mic Bles to leave sunny California and move to Norfolk, VA where he made the decision to take his craft of freestyling and writing lyrics more serious. Picking up the east coast style of Hip Hop, he blended it with his west coast roots evolving into the rapper he is now. With a new hunger, his return to California enabled his goal to become one of the greatest rappers in Hip Hop. Hooking up with childhood friend Hustle 1, the duo co-founded Jus Da Ill Music leading to the release of videos, mixtapes, and albums making them buzz worthy in the underground scene. With the recruitment of DJ Greenleaf the trio has built a reputation that is respected not only by fans but industry professionals.

With the addition of DJ Greenleaf as the backbone of the live show they have performed KRS-ONE, Guru of Gangstarr, Dialated Peoples, RasKass, INspectah Deck, WC, Mac-10, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Tha Liks, Digital UnderGround, DJ Quik, Kurupt, Wiz khalifa, Andre Nickatina, Lil Kim, Hieroglyphics, Dmx and The Living Legends. Mic Bles and Jus Da Ill Music have been featured on coast to coast/regional shows including Latin Lockdown Tour (2012), have toured around Europe, and done shows in parts of Asia. Mic Bles has become a lyrical powerhouse and a staple in the underground music scene. With a lifetime of stories from the streets and battle tested rhymes, he is on steady pursuit to becoming a legendary emcee. Mic Bles is currently working on his new album titled “AudiovOX: Return of the Boom Bap” that’s already receiving major buzz with the new single “Pay Homage” featuring Ras Kas. The single is available for download at all major digital retailers (iTunes, Google play, etc.). Look out for the album at the end of the Summer.

Official website: www.blessthemicrophone.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/microphonebless
Facebook: www.facebook.com/microphonebless
Instagram: @microphonebless
Twitter: @microphonebless
Contact: (805)304-1774 | dcedeno21@gmail.com


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