Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa, One Chance At Life


My name is Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa. I am a musician and composer that has been involved with music for over 5 years. I started on the musician side of things just as a guitarist (I now play bass and piano as well) with my influences at the time being rock bands such as Korn, Metallica, Nirvana, etc. I was bouncing in and out of all kinds of bands and as time went on I began to notice the whole band thing wasn’t going to work out due to lack of dedication/artists in my area.

With that being the case, I didn’t let that stop me and I immediately began composing and producing full songs on my own. I now compose music of all kinds in different genres from rock to rap, and everything in between. This is where my desire to become a renowned studio musician came alive.

I wish to compose and collaborate for established and emerging artists of all kinds. Though I have my heart set, I still have the burning passion to perform in a touring band. Performing in a band is indeed one of the exhilarating experiences ever!

I always encourage anyone I encounter to discover their passion and follow it. I feel there are not enough people in the world that follow their true passion. We all only have one chance at life. Might as well spend it doing what you truly love!

To view videos by Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa visit his Official YouTube Channel.

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