B.A.D.D., South Side Money Gang


B.A.D.D. is an up & coming artist, and member of the South Side Nitty, and founded of SSMG South Side Money Gang from the South End in Boston. Raised in the South End, B.A.D.D. discovered his talent at an early age after being exposed to various prominent artists like 2pac, Big Pun, The Notorious B.I.G., and A Tribe Called Quest. Combining a flow filled with character, street knowledge, and deep intellect, B.A.D.D. is definitely a different but fresh new voice in music.

Look out for music and visuals from B.A.D.D. in 2014. Alone he has released 5 mixtapes: “The South Side Wave”; “The Exclusive 6 EP”, “Big Punaveli” hosted by his Deejay DJ Nucleus from New Bedford and executive produced by his main producer Jae One; and “Creating A Monster 1 and 2” mixtapes. It’s a crazy output from an artist few saw coming.

Currently B.A.D.D. just released a new single “Married 2 the Money” produced by Boston’s own Drizz Wavey. Focused and ready to bring SSMG to the forefront of entertainment, B.A.D.D. calls Nitty, “We ready big homey? Just got the article with Rude Boy Magazine.” Nitty just replies, “Next move.”

So they go, SSMG one move after the other.

Upcoming B.A.D.D. and SSMG projects:
Big Punaveli
Dont Know yet
Frosty the movie starring South Side Nitty

Learn more about B.A.D.D. on his Official Artist Website.

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