15 Dopest Cars Owned By Rappers

Rappers have always been the types to have flashing things. Of all things, you know their cars are definitely on the list. Here is a list of the top 15 rappers and their cars we compiled. The list ranges from Ja Rule to 50 Cent. Tell us about your thoughts and comments on these. Which one is your favorite? Motivation.

Here we go, in no specific order.

1.) Guess who? It’s 50 Cent’s blue Murcielago

50 Cent - Murcy

2.) It’s phat… Akon’s White Murcy

Akon - Murcy

3.) Diddy’s Maybach, I’m sure that’s not the only one he has.

Diddy - Maybach

4.) Fat Joe’s 360 (Ferrari that is)

Fat Joe - Ferrari 360

5.) Ja Rule’s own mint green Murcielago.

Ja Rule - Mercy

6.) Hov’s Maybach (I’m sure he has about 20)

Jay Z - Maybach 62S

7.) Jermaine Dupri’s white Murcy (It’s a beauty)

Jermaine Dupri - Mercy

8.) Justin Beiber’s Fisker Karma (So Shiny)

Just Beiber - Fisker Karma

9.) Kanye West and his new Aventador (nice)


Kanye West - Aventador

10.) Missy Elliot’s baby blue Gallardo (where is she)?

Missy Elliot - Gallardo

11.) Pharrell’s Mercedes McLaren (we also know he has a Phantom and Enzo)

Pharrell - Mercedes McLaren SLR

12.) Swizz Beats’ Mercedes McLaren (we also know he has a Murcielago)

Swizz Beats - Mercedes McLaren SLR

13.) Timbaland’s drop top Phantom Coupe (that is pretty dope)

Timbaland - Rolls Royce Phantom Drop

14.) Wycleff’s collection including the Pagani Zonda

Wyclef - Pagani Zonda C12S

15.) Young Jeezy’s all white Murcy (nuffsaid)

Young Jeezy - Lamborghini Murcy


Is there a whip we missed on the list? Let us know so we can include it in the next round!

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