ZP Ratik, Lovely Distractions


Chris Eggers, ZP Ratik, born and raised in Reno, NV, began making music in 2010 shortly after being inspired by Eminem’s “Recovery.” His taste in music consisted of listening to Rock/Alternative, was passionate about filmmaking, and rarely listened to Hip Hop. He first went by Zippy and released his first project, “New Kid,” in December 2012. The project tackled a fun-pop take on rap under his label Double7-5 Records. A few months after its release Chris became depressed and attempted overdosing on pills.

Chris believed Zippy was who died after realizing he wasn’t the happy go-lucky kid he once was. Then emerged the hardworking, highly-talented, fearless, and progressive emcee ZP Ratik. He has released 4 mixtapes and has just finished his debut album “Lovely Distractions” which drops in July. Ratik continues to be an artist most can relate to staying away from typical radio topics, providing personality, and lyrics that dare you to keep up. The kid makes a live crowd bounce with catchy tracks and an explosive performance. With a wide range of styles and spitting different speeds, Ratik can flow to any beat and tempo.

At age 19 he is a professional treating his music career as a full time job, promotes heavy, and is early to every event. With a studio and cameras at home, Ratik works on his craft daily which shows if you check the progression through his YouTube page. Ratik has had multiple tracks on the radio, has been featured on numerous compilations, has a full summer schedule of opening for touring artists, has out of state shows, and has an album release party.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ZPRatikOfficial
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ZippyVevo
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/zpratik
Twitter: @ZPRap


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