Zilla Bones, The BoneYard


Being too creative and different to copy or hold comparison to other rap artists, Zilla Bones finds that originality is key. With influences like The Fugees, Mobb Deep, and Nas it wasn’t hard for him to pick up on rhyme schemes. Having written his first rhyme at the age of 12, Zilla knew that he was onto something. Though he never wanted a music career, he used music to help through depressing times and a harsh childhood. All in all it’s the best reason for him to share his story for others to relate to.

By 20 Zilla started recording with friends around town and by 21 he made a name for himself in the Duke City. With hard hitting punch lines, witty metaphors, style switches, and the monstrous level of passion birthed the new age artist Zilla Bones. Since his debut he’s opened for Madchild and Slaine, dropped 2 free mixtapes, and is currently working on his album “The BoneYard” due out December.

Many see music as way to get rich quick, as if it’s an easy task, but Zilla’s goal isn’t to be a superstar. He wants to make music that will get you high when you hear it. If it hits your soul than the job is done.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/zilla-bones
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zillabonesofficial
Instagram: @xillabnz
Twitter: @Zilla_Bones


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