Zeta Attlast, Talent-Ridden Content


“I make music that stimulates the senses of the brain. I’d rather do what is unsafe and create content that lives forever than to just make a quick hit.”

Coming from humble beginnings in Ethiopia, Africa, Issachar Z. Tesfaye, Zeta Attlast of The Zetaman Project moved from country to country to escape a corrupt Ethiopian government, local militias, and a collapsed justice system for civilians. Young Zeta found his refuge in music. In 2000, his family uprooted to Houston, Texas, and it became Zeta’s stomping grounds. It appears today’s hip-hop music is being made solely for monetary purposes and the true art form has been long lost.

Zeta’s mission is to be able to entertain worldwide audiences with meaningful, intelligent, talent-ridden content that is versatile and multidimensional. He is an artist that is pointing hip-hop in the right direction. Check out his music for yourself.

Official website: www.attlast.com

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