Zaire, Royal Blue Dream

Zaire @ Underground Arts coast 2 coast july 27th

Friday May 1, 2015 marked the release date of American Hip Hop recording artist Zaire Tyree Small’s next album, “Royal Blue Dream,” which is be available for purchase worldwide through every major music store. This is the fourth album for Zaire who also serves as CEO of his own Philadelphia-based record label called Foreva Young.

His tall-standing flagship LP, “Warrior King,” was released in 2012. It featured hits such as “Fall Back,” “Feeling Myself,” and “I’m Here.” Another album released in December 2013 was entitled “New World.” This record featured hit singles like “Looking Down on the Sky,” “Currency,” and “Neva Chillin’.” “May Flower” was released one year ago in May 2014. This album introduced the popular songs “April Showers,” “Balloons on the Ceiling,” “Hide and Seek,” “Foreva Eva,” and “Close Your Eyes.”

Small is also a producer, songwriter, singer, and actor.

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