Yvonne Silva, Keen On Being An Outsider


Yvonne Silva is an artist originally from the Seattle area, who after moving to Las Vegas in 2007 began writing original tunes on guitar and piano slowly gaining momentum in the busy and growing city of music. She’s influenced by all genres and artists, particularly intrigued by vocal harmonies and strings.

Every song Yvonne has written is from a core memory or experience in her life, from struggling through relationships to struggling to make a living as an artist. She’s keen to being an outsider, one to never follow the hype or dying to be center of attention. Her music conveys the same dark, yet hopeful, and pure message of her ideal world.

Official website: www.yvonnesilva.com
Facebook: @YvonneSilvamusic
Instagram: MsYvonneSilva
Twitter: @MissYvonneSilva


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