Yung Wise, Breaking Racial Barriers

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Born in Riverdale, MD, Steve Park – aka DC Metropolitan area based emcee Yung Wise – has overcome numerous obstacles on his rise to being a respected talent in local, national, and global circles. Born the son of Korean immigrants, his mother raised him as a struggling single parent. In aiding his mother’s attempts to merely pay the bills at a young age, the rapper learned at a young age about the connection between hard work and survival.

A rap career that has developed to the level of seeing Yung Wise aligned with top producers like Timbaland and artists including Redman, Beanie Sigel, Sean Paul and Nipsey Hussle started innocently enough with Park writing poems to ease his troubled mind in the third grade. Accelerated by his beloved mother being involved in a severe accident alongside becoming a ward of the group and foster home system as a teenager, Wise began to take his career aspirations more seriously and began to see local labels develop and interest in advancing his talents. In this era, Wise’s local renown grew at an incredible rate, as he sold 15,000 CDs and was viewed online on the then all-powerful MySpace well over 400,000 times.

Again, losing the connection to his mother continued to trouble his development, her death as he reached the age of 19 leading him deep into a life driven by criminal elements. After nearly five years of incarceration, Wise’s best friend, and rap collaborator “Rascal,” refocused the talented artist’s key partnerships with both Listen Vision and House recording studios giving him the stable platform he sorely needed to achieve the success he has always approached; though has yet to entirely attain.

As a Korean-American emcee with influences including – but not limited to – 2Pac, Nas, TI, Andre 3000, Kanye West, Drake, and even alternative rock artists Linkin Park, Yung Wise is an emcee mixing classic hip-hop style while embracing a unique perspective. Blending those traits with his core personal beliefs of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, forthcoming excellence and a sustainable career are absolutely the expectation and continues on with his plans on being the first “Asian super rapstar” and break racial barriers. Wise is currently opening up for major artists such as Kirko Bangz, Young Dro, Big Sean, and etc.

Keep up with Yung Wise on:
Instagram: @wisedc
Facebook and Twitter: @wise202
YouTube: @yungwise00

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