Yung Slab, Hawg Musik

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Yung Slab’s smooth vocal tone rings through loud and clear with the help of production from Grammy nominated producer Don~Key of The Beats Committee and the legendary singer/songwriter Thomas “Keys” Booth. On the very first instance of hearing “No Turning Back” you know that it’s a hit. With a smooth Isley Brothers type of sound, the mic is at the mercy of Arkansas native Yung Slab.

God’s Gift shows a growth of where Yung Slab is taking us on a journey of what he feels are gifts from God giving reference to his home state. It’s a testimony of hard work and dedication.

The dream of becoming a hip-hop icon since junior high school, Yung Slab is poised to put Arkansas on the map of rap music’s landscape and to the forefront of the Southern music scene.

Considered by many local industry folks to possess marketable star qualities, Yung Slab has made one of his best singles. This is not a threat, this is a promise, and you have been clearly warned. God’s Gift is coming soon! Arkansas stand up! Stand up!

Learn more about Yung Slab and Hawg Musik on their Official Artist Website, on YouTube, and Reverbnation.

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