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With his obtrude delivery, vivid story telling lyrics, and power driven vocals, Young Saint The Great, born Jordan Bell, is able to convey the true meaning of Rhythm & Poetry (Rap) back to the surface. Using energetic cadences in the resemblance of legendary rapper Eminem, the St. Paul/Houston native maintains a distinct live-wire-cultivating sound, bestowing a dominant presence in vocal recordings and live stage, bringing each and every encountered listener to a complete halt.

While introducing his new release “Adversity Vol. 1 The Mix-tape,” Young Saint is in all efforts of networking and building his brand. Teaming up with IMIXHOUSTON studio producer Bruce Bang, who himself has special credits for various artists such as Kelly Rowland, Baby Bash, Kirko Bangz, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, etc., collaboratively, have been crafting and molding Saint’s sound. Meanwhile, Saint has taken much pride in embracing the new digital era joining all social media outlets as well as constructing his own website He once said, “I like the fact that music is shifting towards the internet. It makes it easier for the artist to spread material across the world. It also opens a window of opportunity to be creative in marketing. With everything going viral, the audience gets to see an inside picture helping to connect with them much faster.” Even though Saint makes great use of the internet, he does not believe in leaving a venue without putting on a great show.

Moving from St. Paul to Houston when he was only 13 years old, Young Saint had no clue that he would soon one day emerge to the music scene in a fast forward pursuit of stardom. In recognition of his talent, it was a neighborhood friend who first asked him to feature on his next record. Saint states, “I used to critique his music all the time and he would take heed. He would always tell me that I needed to start rapping and when he asked me to hop on the record I got right to it. I felt honored in a way. My passion for music has always been there, ever since I was a little kid, but at the time I couldn’t see the gift. I never tried to come up with raps, poems, or anything so I kind of just took a chance with it.”

And that he did, getting great feedback from his friend about the feature he was convinced to begin taking his writing seriously. Now having a hobby, which naturally stuck like glue, he could express his thoughts and ultimately stay out of trouble. Sparking an immediate vision, Saint started writing songs every day after school locking himself in his bedroom until his mother made him eat. He spent most of his high school years honing his sound in a closet studio his friends and himself collaboratively put together until he felt comfortable enough to share his music with the world. Starting out with night live performances at Open-Mic venues across the Houston area, he began building relationships with local promoters, opening up for local Houston acts, and winning cash prize contest. He then found the stamp that would notarize his decision of turning his music into a career.

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