Young-S-the-future, The Come Up


Aspiring hip hop artist just fresh in the game, Young-S-the-future strays from the typical club and trap music and delivers music for people that will be able to relate to his life. He creates songs for people that have the same struggles as his peers and himself. He shares his stories with others because he can help show that it’s ok to be hurt or go through the pain because it only makes one stronger.

A moment that has defined his emerging career is the first time Young-S-the-future graced the stage for a performance where his freestyle sent the crowd in to a frenzy. Just seeing the smiles on fans’ faces s one treat that he’ll never forget and will continue to receive as his career develops.

Young-S-the-future is currently working on a mixtape called The Come Up that brushes across the topic of going through the pain of your life and after the darkness the light starts to shine. His goal is to get play on the radio and get featured on a couple of songs, but his goal above all else is to gain more fans and have them understand that he actually cares about them.

Soundcloud: young-s-the-futer

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