Young Jay & Jay Chavo, Stars In The Making

yjjc laying down

Young Jay is more than your typical booger eating 13 year old. He is quite possibly the best rapper in his age group and his presence is undeniably touching capturing every bit of attention with his amazing performances. Rapping since the mere age of 10, his first song I Mean It established a group of fans that can’t articulate how talented Young Jay is. He’s attending school with the understanding that an excellent education only makes you a smarter person, which also helps you become a better rapper.

Jay Chavo, a NY native artist, age 12, is rapping like he has something to prove. Aligned with his older brother Young Jay, it only took one single, I Mean It, to capture the attention of a new widely populated fan base. His lyrics are witty expressing his life moments through self-analysis and clever word play. Although he’s a remarkable lyricist, this superstar exceptionally shines as a performer capturing the attention of all those who take a second to listen. Jay Chavo is following the footsteps of his older brother making sure that school is an essential part of his life.

Together the duo are currently working on projects that still remain nameless, but are set to be released in February of 2016.



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