Yokane, My Talent Can’t Be Ignored


Born Tomeeko Piercy, Yokane is a renowned rapper, producer, and social activist. He was introduced to Hip Hop at the age 7 and began writing songs at the age of 9. Throughout his childhood, Yokane used music and writing as a mental escape from his drug infested environment. At the age of 16, Yokane recorded his first song with platinum producer Shawty Redd and Twinn Productions and released a compilation with an independent label called Old Head Records.

Less than a year later, Yokane himself ventured into production. He appeared on UPN 69’s Hip Hop encounter. Video production and directing soon followed. He performed at a series of venues from Atlanta to Chicago and appeared on South Bin, Indiana’s evening News. His work ethic and talents got him noticed by several other artists and executives including Grammy award winner Manual Seals who began mentoring him.

Yokane is currently active in the Atlanta music scene. He has a host of music and videos that can be found on the internet. His body of work is evidence of his diligence. His talents and persistence cannot be ignored or denied, but his humility is perhaps one of his greatest attributes.

Official website: www.yokane.wix.com/music
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/yokanemusic

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