Yasmin Faithwalk Foy, Creating For As Long As God Allows


Yasmin Faithwalk Foy is a uniquely artistic talent. As a child she listened to all genres of music; from Whitney Houston and Patti LaBelle, to Hootie and the Blowfish and Kenny G, she loved it all. It wasn’t long before her love for listening flourished into a love for creating. She wrote poems and put them to a melody. Yasmin’s parents, especially her father, being a musician himself, saw her curiosity and began to nurture it. She began to dream on a bigger scale. Yasmin has been inspired by the arts in general. It’s been a way of escape since the passing of her mother in 1989. This New York native moved to Philadelphia’s Germantown area at the age of 16. It was in this very city where Yasmin would be exposed to all she desired in the independent music scene.

After graduating from Roxborough High School, Yasmin enrolled as a full time student at the community college of Philadelphia. Working more closely with other artists around the city and networking with fellow students and the faculty in the music department was an enriching experience. Her love for music and performance grew to an all-time height. After experiencing the ups and downs of stardom, she is ready to spread her wings. Starting out working mostly behind the scene interning for independent labels as a publicist, singing background vocals for local signed artists, and artist management, she is ready for the spotlight once again. Now owner of her very own independent record label, she has the opportunity to create for as long as God allows.

Yasmin has been compared to India Arie and Lauryn Hill, but she feels she is just unique and true to her craft (just as the two of them). Yasmin writes, produces, and arranges most of her own music along with her spouse and business partner. Yasmin is multi-talented and prepared to make her mark. Presenting to some and introducing to many, Yasmin Faithwalk Foy: first lady Faithwalk Entertainment/Starphya Publicity.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Trapped-Yas-Faithwalk-Foy/dp/B00HVUGEWA
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trapped-single/id798127981

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