Yacht Club Entertainment, We See The Top And Won’t Stop

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Yacht Club Entertainment began in a very small town named Wrens, GA where opportunity is slim. The company started with CEO Shauntsey “Kitch” Kitchens and VP Dantavian “Tuck” Tucker in 2009. They had a vision to create music that would change the world and timeless songs that everyone could relate to.

In 2013 YCE gained new comers Brandon “Bwit” Wilcher, Dwayne “Murda” Lane, Keal “YTP” Lane, Kaddaimm “Rockii” Andrews, and Ken “K. Frank” Frank. Things began to progress slowly with each individual never losing focus of what was next to come. With songs like “Fade Away,” “Pass That,” “Never Change,” and “Laid Back” they began to change the game.

With newly grossing fans at each show and recently shooting the video for the single “Fade Away” by Bwit and Rockii, YCE can only see the top and will not stop.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kitchYCE
Facebook: www.facebook.com/brandon.wilcher.39
Instagram: @yachtclubent

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