xL, Documenting Middle America


xL consists of emcees D-Roc, Daze, and Qweezy. These Bay Area boys have been putting it down, writing rhymes, and rockin’ mics since 2002. As lifelong fans of hip-hop music, xL’s entrance into the game was inevitable. Seeing that the voice of the average 9-to-5-working-guy-next door wasn’t fully represented in hip-hop, xL decided to accept the responsibility to fill that void. Through their music, they try to document and glamorize the lifestyle of Middle America where most artists tend to glamorize living wealthy or struggling to get wealthy. If you want to witness a unique outlook on life expressed through hip-hop music, come experience life to the fullest through the explicit lyrics of xL.

Official website: http://waiting2xl.reverbnation.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/waiting2xl

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