Xklucive, Designer Dreams


Xklucive is a young kid grinding who has been on the come up since he began making beats at 14. Coming from Denver, CO, Xklucive, of course a stoner, hasn’t been the same since catching a case for riding around with a few pounds and .45 Revolver. Inspired by the street life, Xklucive speaks the truth about the good and the bad; he doesn’t lecture, just tells his stories. Whether he’s talking about parties, blazing, or making money, all his real ones can relate.

Nowadays Xklucive just kicks back and records. He just dropped his mixtape called “Designer Dreams” and is in the studio everyday putting together his debut album which would be “Designer Dreams (The Album).” Be sure to check out the song “Grindin.” Everything up until this point has been self-sponsored and self-made. Xklucive’s advice to anyone with a dream is ask questions, be persistent, lose your fear, and be unique. No matter what it may be, stay active and make progress; one goal at a time. Ride your own wave until the rest of the world catches up!

Official website: xklucivemusic.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/xklucive
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jose.x.ramirez
Promo: www.instagram.com/p/2oRDx0vwLD
Twitter: @DatBoiXklucive
Instagram: @jRam99
Snapchat: @j.Ram99

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