Wyze DOM, Daydreamers NiteThinkers


Developing a passion for music as a violinist at the age of 8, Dwight Williams, Wyze DOM, was raised in Joliet, IL where began composing beats for fun and soon turned to writing songs at 19. He honed his craft on the music app DAW called Pocketband and amassed a humble following. To challenge himself he would remake instrumentals and rewrite songs in his own version. He has done flipped versions of Eminems’ “Stan” and Rittz’s “Geronimo.”

After 4 years of crafting his sound and mimicking styles, Wyze released a 7 song album on YouTube called “Daydreamers NiteThinkers.” It’s a project that showcases all styles from punch lines, metaphors, lyrical, R&B, and storytelling.

YouTube: Wyze DOM
Pocketband: Wyze DOM


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