Wy_Lie, Hard Work Brings Haters


Frankfort, Kentucky born, Wy_Lie is a hip hop artist who believes in solely being real; staying true to yourself is the only way to go. Wy_Lie is currently working on his debut album titled Wy_Lie that is inspired by the struggle of life and features a smooth vibe sound. He’s also gearing up for a Coast 2 Coast hosted event in Cincinnati that will offer him the chance to win thousands of dollars’ worth of promotion.

The music experience has been more than a journey for Wy_Lie who grew up listening to all genres of music. At the age of 18 was when he decided to jump into the music game. He’s gotten the chance to work with different artists of different styles this past year furthering his career. Networking is the key in today’s music industry and it grants you with millions of opportunities to advance. From performing from Kentucky to Chicago, winning and coming in 2nd place in contests, and dealing with fake labels, the experiences have motivated him to write his debut album.

Wy_Lie represents KyR (Ky records) and the Wy_Lie Music Brand that carries the motto “hard work brings haters which only brings success.” The team has been through a lot over the years building KyR and now pieces are coming together well.

Instagram: @wy_lie_music
Reverbnation: @dougfunny420
Facebook: @dfunny


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