Working With Michael Jackson; A Sound Engineer’s Story

Besides the producers, writers and other collaborators, a sound engineer’s job when it comes to making music is just as if not the most crucial. Locking down that perfect mix takes huge amounts of skill, many hours of careful listening and editing, and can truly make or break a song. Knowing the artist, how they work, and what they are trying to accomplish with their music and their sound makes all the difference in the world when it comes to releasing a record.

Matt Forger was Michael Jackson’s sound man and worked with him on many albums through his career, including Thriller and Bad. Talking about the posthumous release XSCAPE at Westlake Studio D (where he recorded previous albums), Matt spoke about his memories and past experiences working with MJ. He also spoke about a specific track on the album titled “Loving You” and why it exemplified everything that Michael stood for.

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