Wordz The Poet Emcee, Renaissance Music


Wordz The Poet Emcee is a Hip Hop/Soul artist of Jamaican descent from Philadelphia, PA known for his music, poetry, and activism. As an artist, Wordz has completed 8 original albums of Hip-Hop, Soul, and Poetry coining his artistic expression as Renaissance Music.

Performing live in the bellies of heated ciphers or on the brightly spot-lighted stages of concert arenas, Wordz’ stage presence and performance, indeed hypnotic, proves to also be purely natural for the talented artist. Inspired by the emcees of Hip Hop’s Golden Age such as KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul, he delivers an impressive sound that is authentically refreshing.

Wordz is featured in numerous local open-mics, showcases, and concerts throughout the US. The talented artist has also been featured on many TV and radio shows both locally and nationally including Philly Word Live, In Bed with Butch, G-Town Radio, The Justzo Show, DAUS Radio, and BET’s 106th and Park. Today Wordz continues to live his life striving to spread a campaign of love and inspiration by any means necessary.

Official website: www.reverbnation.com/WordzThePoetEmcee


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