Wordsmith, Marketing To The Masses


NU Revolution Entertainment is the always-professional, ever-expanding, world-wide movement created by the CEO/artist Wordsmith. The Mission is to entertain and educate through a message of purpose and always by example relate that message through clean, quality, and marketable music for the masses. Wordsmith is an indie artist in full control of his musical career. The emcee from Baltimore looks to represent his city on national and international stages with his conscious-commercial Hip-Hop and theatrical stage shows. His list of accomplishments reads like a major label artist and his commitment to the business and the art has allowed NU Revo to remain independent.

Wordsmith has developed corporate approval through the licensing of over 30 songs for film, television, internet video, video games, and advertisement purposes; the companies range from ESPN, NFL Network, Nintendo Wii, Redbull, CBS, NBC, Style Network, Bravo, Fox and many more. For 4 years running Wordsmith has earned the ASCAPlus award from his PRO Society for his extensive catalog of licensed music. Wordsmith has also toured throughout his career with stops in New York, Las Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Charlotte, Indianapolis, San Jose, Harrisburg, and overseas in London, England.

Furthermore, Wordsmith has both lectured and performed at various music conferences around the country sharing his great music and professional experience with other indie artists; conferences include SXSW, A3C, Mid Atlantic Music, Millennium Music, Launch, and more. Wordsmith also visits grade schools to perform for students and promote anti-bullying messages. Beginning April 17th, Wordsmith and his live Band, The Big Band Theory, head out on a 19 day tour with Armed Forces Entertainment to perform for our troops.

Official website: www.wordsmithmusic.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/Wordsmith

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