Wonder, Shimmering With Potential


Strong hands, bright eyes, and a loud laugh accost the senses. This is a first impression of the Oregon-born singer/songwriter Wonder. At 23, covered in black ink tattoos and with the conversation volume most people reserve for stadiums and emergencies, everything about Wonder’s fiery persona is loud. But when faced with a microphone and an audience, the power in Wonder’s soul and body concentrates into a dynamic-chilling performance with haunting melodies paired with honest poetry that turns any venue into one where intimate secrets are spilled.

Wonder’s compositions are poignant songs that linger on questions of passion found and lost, the undertow of addiction and emotion, and the heartbreak of losing faith. Though Wonder is most often found in her natural habitat, curled around a guitar with scribbled sheets of paper surrounding her, crooning to anyone and no one, she is most widely known for her collaborations with dance producer Levi Whalen. Since her debut in 2013, Wonder has released 2 EPs on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. With a live LP set to release in summer 2015 and several dozen original songs in gestation, Wonder shimmers with potential. In her wake, those who have met her look on in awe and anticipation.

Wonder has boldly laid claim to the entire west coast and its adjacent Pacific Ocean. Though she receives her mail in Seattle, she currently resides below deck near the hull of a massive cruise ship where she suffers the lack of Wi-Fi, entertains crowds every night, and works without distraction on future releases. Wonder adores her followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and would like to extend a personal invitation to the readers of Rude Boy to come say hi and receive virtual hugs.

Official website: www.iamwonder.net
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/wondertruly
Twitter: www.twitter.com/WonderTruly
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheRealWonder
Instagram: www.instagram.com/WonderTruly

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