Wizdom, Telling His Story


Wizdom is a 20 year old from the East side of Chicago, but originally from Humboldt Park. Hip-Hop music is a huge motivation as it’s always been a huge impact on his life. It became the medicine to Wizdom’s struggle at a young age aside from skating. Even though it didn’t take the pain away completely, it helped numb it just enough to where he could take ahold of emotions and learn to paint pictures with words.

With his older brother, Wizdom would always mess around off the top freestyles and one day they decided to meet in the basement to write a track over an instrumental. It was that day he knew he was going to give it his absolute all to become the best emcee. Every single day since then Wizdom has never stopped freestyling raps. Wizdom was always the kid with the older guys trying to make a name for himself and one day he saw a circle of older emcees freestyling. He jumped in and took the last word out of the guys mouth and took off with it. All Wizdom remembers are the emotions that he had bottled up for so long vanished. Then a rush of inspiration hit him as he stopped and heard everyone scream in excitement.

Ever since then people have motivated him to become the best, weather it be close friends and family or just someone who has given him a chance to hear their story. Wizdom is here to tell his in the most versatile and creative way.

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