Winna Skellz, Setting The Bar For My City


Winna Skellz is from small city where people’s dreams flat line, the streets provide the motivation, and accomplishments get a blind eye. Starting rapping at 14, Winna had no idea that music would be a part of his life for all eternity. He even remembers his first show at the Boys & Girls Club at 16; his stage presence has horrible and his lyrics weren’t up to par, yet he still managed to engage the crowd with a weirdly confident style.

Winna’s first self-produced mixtape, “Skinny Jeans Fat Wallets,” was released when his was 17/18. The following year he met Brian Oakes who was an ex-metal band drummer now turned booking agent. The duo teamed up to expand Winna’s craft and both moved to Tampa, Florida where they booked venues for his musical acts. Though all was going to plan, family issues brought them both back to New York. Winna continued to build his brand and is now considered the hottest rapper in his city. At 25 he has a sponsorship with Musa Supply out of London.

In March 2015 Winna competed in RocNation’s RocTheMic showcase in New York City. Though he didn’t win, the experience was one of the best prompting him to go as hard as he can to reach his goals. Recently he received notice from an A&R interested in helping him with is musical direction as well as set up meetings with major record labels such as Interscope.

Instagram: @Winnaskellz


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