WillCee, Finesse

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WillCee always had an ear for hip hop that when he was kid, his father used to play Wu Tang and Busta Rhymes when he was in the car picking him up from school. However, he hadn’t found the motivation and passion to focus on lyrics until he heard “Electric Relaxation” from Tribe Called Quest being played by his 6th grade music teacher. It was the very moment after hearing that song that changed his view on music and influenced him to make his own in the long run.

Ever since, WillCee has been progressing in his music through his writing, his videos, and his performances. In total he has five videos on his YouTube channel with the most popular video being “Finesse” featuring Fresh the Prophet, it’s accumulated 3K+ views. In the month preceding his feature in Rude Boy, he hosted an underground hip hop show in bush-wick showcasing artists who are doing the same exact thing as him. He recalls that it was one of the best nights of his life. Putting together a lot of dope talent in one show was a win for all the artists for himself as well.

As of right now WillCee is striving to be heard by more people and is dropping a mixtape this year titled Enter My World. He’s also set to drop a new video this month and is hosting another show in May. A lot of time and effort is being put into this music that he’s making, in the long run he only hopes that he gives his fans the good quality music that they deserve. It’s worth the wait.

Official website: www.therealwillcee.com
Soundcloud: wilcee

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