Willbo Is Getting To The Money


Music artist Willbo’s making a name for himself in the music industry. From unique sounds to top shelf production, his work definitely stands apart. His ambition and focus has primed the artist to exceed expectations and to become a highly sought out talent by professionals. Don’t miss out on Willbo because the musician has something the listeners have always wanted.

The Orlando, FL resident started his foray into music at the age 12, but didn’t take it serious until he started building a little fan base. His cousins and he, who are rappers named J-fizzle and Jaybo, used to find beats and freestyle. Eventually all came together to form a group called GTTM which stand for Getting To The Money. The result has been hit after hit.

Currently Willbo’s working on a solo mixtape as well as on a mixtape with GTTM. In the foreseeable future he plans on booking a few shows to get his and his group’s music heard globally.

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