Wes Kardigan, Capturing The Attention


Wes Kardigan, born Tommie Smith, Jr., was raised in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. While being highly influenced by the likes of Common, Jay-Z, Ludacris, T.I., OutKast, Eminem and Lupe Fiasco, Wes spent most of his time concentrating on his craft as a hip-hop songwriter/artist. By age 17 he became a member of a local hip-hop crew, F.L.O.C. During this time period, Wes signed with Radix Records, a Chicago-based independent record company whose roster included former Jive Records recording artist, “Syleena Johnson”. As the first hip-hop solo act on the label, he performed alongside hip-hop Icon KRS-One and also collaborated with a then up-and-coming producer name Kanye West, whom he met through his friend/schoolmate, GLC.

After graduation Wes enrolled at Columbia College Chicago where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Business Management/Marketing. Upon graduation from college, he expanded his talents by venturing off into music production. Although, musically, being an artist is his #1 passion, some of his other goals include being able to develop artists, acting in major motion films, investing in property to be used to shelter the homeless and aid them in finding employment, as well as establish after-school programs for the youth.

Currently, Wes stays busy working his 9-5 job during the day while writing, producing, and performing at various venues during the night. Whether it is on the mic or behind the boards, with the ability to connect with different walks of life, Wes is destined to capture the attention of all, from “record executives” to “record consumers.”

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