The New Kid Wakefield

Rude Boy Magazine

17 Year Old Wakefield is a new kid on the hip hop scene. Coming from Chicago, Illinois, Wakefield has a lot of competition from other rappers trying to get heard. Still Wakefield stands out almost in another class from his competitors. His flow and lyrics are truly incredible given his age. He forms complex metaphors into a vivid image the listener can see. This artist has a wonderful future in the music industry. Wakefield has over 350,000 views on youtube and 50,000+ plays on his soundcloud. He is taking over the web and using social media as a very effective avenue in promoting his music. He has also showed his entrepreneurial and business side selling his own merchandise and CD’s. He has two full length mixtapes out now and is currently working on his new project “Wake’s World”. Wakefield is definitely a name everyone will be hearing in a couple of years.

You can follow Wakefield on Twitter @WakefieldMan. Listen to more music on SoundCloud at

Wakefield U.O.E.N.O Freestyle

Wakefield – Green Jade

Wakefield – Flyin High Feat. NWest

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