VuDaGODdess, Marching To Me Own Beat


VU=You(French)DA=The(Ebonics)GODdess=You have the power over your own destiny.

VuDaGODdess began as a young, fun, free spirited, atypical loner singing around the house since the tender age of three. Later she transformed her room into a night club with strobes and disco lights while pretending to be a part of her father’s favorite band performing on her fabricated stage. She was her father’s only child and her estranged mother’s second child. Raised by an entire household of seven North Carolina natives, she was considered a country city suburbanite growing up in Silver Spring, Maryland (a city just 20 minutes outside of the nation’s Capital and Baltimore, Maryland).

Always marching to the beat of her own drum she wrote her first songs while in grade school and submitted them to popular pop stars fan mail. Music of all genres was always surrounding her; from her father having jam sessions every Friday to her playing the bass guitar, drums, keyboard and/or being the lead singer. While staying in a trap house she witnessed firsthand the struggles, lack of support, and misunderstanding of the young boys with aggressive nature in the low income housing areas of Maryland. Speaking to the boys and knowing their heart ignited a flame inside her. So she built a studio and began her craft promising she would provide an outlet for others like them.

Her first taste of public speaking was reciting spoken word at R&B Artist Lyfe Jennings’ performance in a popular night club in Washington DC. Since then she has released independently a compilation album, “I Do Music,” which gave her the opportunity to perform as an opening act for Hip Hop artist Trina “Da Baddest Bitch” at a sleek lounge in Frederick, MD. After much positive feedback she launched her solo debut single with a video. The popular and ever relatable song “ItCyberSTALK” was produced and directed by herself. Most proceeds gained from any of her works are donated towards her effort and funding for the startup of a not for profit named after both her uncle, that inspired her to aspire, and play brother; both passed due to tumors of the brain.

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