Von Phoenix, Trance-Informative


Von Phoenix is a guitarist/producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. A man of many musical interests, Von Phoenix has performed with many bands and groups over the years, mainly with Howling Star which he co-founded with the artist Arkkade Kult. In the late 2013 Phoenix began producing and released a House/EDM project called “Martian Kites” which was his first solo release. His latest release under his own name was called “MOTUS: BLACK,” released February 1st in honor of Black History Month. A sound in a new direction, combining interviews with Hip-Hop and EDM sounds, Phoenix hopes not only to start a new musical revolution with the genre he has coined as “Trance-Informative,” but to start a campaign for awareness to many struggles overlooked in the black community.

Official website: https://motusblack.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vonphoenix

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