Von Dutch is Working On ‘Reflections Of An Inner City Kid’

With a knack for music, Von Dutch’s building a repertoire for himself in the industry. Boasting a pioneering sound along with a dynamic stage presence, this artist’s music is turning eyes and ears. This is one artist that you’ll want to keep up with and follow his career. High impact moves are being made by Von Dutch, and it won’t be long before he’s a household name.

“In the beginning, I wouldn’t rap because I was very shy. After my cousin died I started rapping, but it would take until I was 17 to actually record my first song. After the first time I was hooked and now I’m making different songs with different emotions,” the Philly artist reveals.

Most notable for Von Dutch is landing a song on the mixtape of the famous DJ Millticket. He’s currently working on his first mixtape titled which he’s been working on for a long time. “My goals are to get major with rap and become a legend in the game. I hope use my music as the base to create my own brand for unsigned talent. I’ve learned that some of the greatest are actually never looked at due to the size of music base,” he adds in.

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