Vincent Von Vegga, The Raven Raider Gang


The artist Vincent Von Vegga, Sequoya Kimble, is a multi-racial kid from the streets of Flint, Michigan. Though from Flint, he has based his home in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is widely known for his tunes and his crew RRG. The Raven Raider Gang leader grew up living home to home and constantly moving. Never staying in one spot for too long, he was able to take pieces from each new home and form a sound that he could call his own. With his soulful singing, edgy but lyrical raps, and his ear for sounds, he was able to gain a following with just his name Vegga.

In the beginning Vegga formed a group called T.I.M.E. (Team Isolation Music and Entertainment), but do to friction the group had a short life. From 2009 to 2013, Vegga released 7 mixtapes. Having dropped various projects and performed from state to state, it was time for Vegga to get more serious. He formed another group, Raven Raider Gang, comprised of several of T.I.M.E.’s members and new additions, to show the world what music was really about.

He has been making a lot of noise from his new label, Raven Raider Recordings in conjunction with Grim Muzik. He is also growing a reputation as a producer with his production company Chopp Oppera. Vegga dropped his latest project “Viva Las Vegga” last April. With “Viva Las Vegga” he has established his place in the hip-hop scene of Little Rock and is conquering the nation one state at a time. Vegga’s new project “Now and Then” will be available May 20th, 2015.

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