Vice Vega, A New Chapter

VICE VEGA was formed by Steve Neske in an apartment in L.A. in early 2014 after relocating to California from the Midwest following the dissolution of Neske’s previous band. Rather than seeking out new band mates with whom to start a new project, Neske says he turned the camera in on himself instead. Playing music with guys for ten-plus years, he didn’t have the energy to start all over again and invest that kind of energy into building up new relationships, so unsure of how the music would come out, he decided to give it a shot on my own and see how it went. Neske’s previous projects had dabbled in everything from hip-hop and electro to punk to rock to radio-friendly pop. He had fallen into the habit of writing what he thought people wanted to hear rather than writing things that he had to say. It took some time, but he now considers himself to the most honest he’s ever been as a songwriter. So why VICE VEGA and not use his own name? Being in bands since the age of 15 was where he felt most comfortable, and allowed for a group of ever changing fellow musicians to help bring the music to life. “I don’t like to limit myself, and I like to keep it interesting. When you have a fixed band of four or five members, during the writing and recording process, you stop and think, ‘Oh, maybe we shouldn’t add this part in, because we don’t have enough people to pull it off live’…’With this project, I try not to do that. So sometimes when we play live we have four guys in the band, or sometimes five or even more. Really it just depends on what the song calls for,” says Neske.

VEGA’s debut album, UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS will be out later this year, and maybe for free. “The music industry is all one big experiment at this point,” says Neske.

You can check out VICE VEGA online at and on SoundCloud at

VICE VEGA – Paranoid


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