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Vanessa Mullings is a hip-hop rap-recording artist signed to SONY/ATV as a published writer. Mullings has worked with some of the industries top music producers and up and coming artists on her debut LP entitled, “I Am…Vanessa Mullings”. With unbelievable production from Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum producer CedSolo, and New Jersey’s newcomer producer Vertical Jones, Mullings takes pieces of the past and present, introducing this new refreshing sound with her live band ‘The Commission’ to the future. “I Am…” displays lyrical consistency, hot beats, conceptual rhymes, and what we all have been missing in hip-hop; the “feeling”. From the jazz influence in “Just Another Day” , to the crazy laid back sample in “Incredible Hulk” where she pay’s homage to Snoop Dogg, and the brilliantly orchestrated and gritty storytelling in “Traffic”, “I Am…”, will definitely take you on a nonstop ride bringing the music industry and hip hop a breathe of fresh air.

Check out Vanessa Mullings on her website at and on SoundCloud at

Vanessa Mullings – Just Another Day

Vanessa Mullings – Traffic

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