The Upstate Cats Earning Their Stripes

UC EP Promo

A fresh, innovative, music group originating from Upstate, NY, group The Upstate Cats create feel good music and soulful hip hop infused with R&B/reggae rhythm and vibes. They have worked with countless well known artists and individuals in the entertainment industry, and their work has been featured on BET, MTV, VH1, Spike TV, soundtracks, movie scores, and other types of projects. Though known for their creativity and music production in the past, they are now putting the face to the name and bringing their skills and talents on wax and to the stage for all to see and hear. While their sound is very strong, it’s their pure talent and down to earth personalities that have allowed them to work with grammy nominated producers and engineers, actors, actresses, and film producers while their business acumen has allowed them to work with business moguls in finance, fashion, and political leaders. They are also very rooted in community development and leadership. Overall it’s really plain to see that The Upstate Cats are not just a music group, they are here creating a movement!

You can check them out on all forms of social media as well as SoundCloud at

The Upstate Cats – A Music and Pictorial View

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