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There’re Hip-Hop Artists, there’re R&B Artists, and then there’s Taylor Krom. A young, creative, raw up and coming Artist who hones his skills for both genres, and believes there is no limit to improving. Born in the small country town of Pendleton, Oregon, Taylor found his love for the HipHop music scene at the age of 15. Although Pendleton is not much of the HipHop Scene kind of town, Hip-Hop is commonly listened to in the town of almost 18,000 citizens.

Taylor has enormous dreams of connecting with millions of people on an emotional musical basis, through catchy beats, and creative clever lyrics, expressing the emotions he feels. After dropping out of school at the age of 17, Taylor has been on a mission in succeeding with his musical dreams, not stopping for anything or anybody no matter what or who gets in his way. This young Artist cruises through life with one motto that pushes him through every day, “LALO”, or “Loving All Life Offers”. Not only does this motto describe Taylor perfectly, but gives his fans something positive and uplifting to believe in, and follow for inspiration.

After recently moving to Portland at the age of 22, life has been ever changing and eye opening for Taylor. He plans to capture his feelings that the change has given him by recording an album to be released in late October titled “Who I Am”. There are humble, fan loving Artists in the world that stay true and loyal to anyone who support them, Taylor is one of those Artists. Give him a chance and to show you who he is and you just might fall in love with his heartfelt music that he loves to give to you.

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Taylor Krom – Tell Me

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