Tyrant TyHova, 3Mpire


Tyrant TyHova, a producer as well as an emcee but a hustler first, is from the mean streets of BxYoQns, NY. Tyrant TyHova was born and raised in the Bronx, but grew up in Yonkers and acknowledges where and who he wants to be when living in Jamaica, Queens. Those 3 cities tie into the name of his independent label/brand called 3Mpire. 3m Productions represents where he’s from, The Empire State, as well as who he is.

The meaning behind 3m (Monstar Mentality Manifestdestiny) is meant to inspire people to use all the negativity that was given to them from their upbringings and turn it into a positive by taking what they believed are owed to them such as their dreams, goals, and aspirations. If you have a vision, take it before some else takes it from you.

Official website: www.3mpirebooking.wix.com/3mpirenyc
Soundcloud link: www.soundcloud.com/3mpirenyc

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