Turnt Bachelor, Rapper Wit No Buzz


Turnt Bachelor is an upcoming rapper from the Inland Empire. Turnt Bachelor did not start off as a rapper, he was first a dancer. Back in 2009 he was in a “jerkin crew” called SuperJerkz. They would make jerkin videos and put them on YouTube. The group got together and made their first rap song called “Super Jerkin” that Turnt Bachelor was featured in. Once he heard his vocals laid down behind an instrumental that was it! From that day forward he knew that rapping was something that he really wanted to pursue.

The group eventually went their own ways and that was when Turnt Bachelor created his own personal YouTube channel and began working on himself. After filling up two whole composition books full of rhymes, he began recording songs from his MacBook.

He would release songs onto his YouTube channel and get feedback. Soon after that, at the age of sixteen, he released his first mixtape, “Hospitable,” in 2012. In 2013 he released his second mixtape, “Hospitable 2,” followed by his first music video for “Whatchu Hatin’ Foe.” The year after that, 2014, he released his most recent mixtape, “Rapper Wit No Buzz,” and he is working on a new one as we speak.

Official Website: https://twitter.com/TurntMFBachelor

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