Tru Almighty, Seasoned In My Own Right


It has often been said that art imitates life; nothing can be more factual when it comes to the lyrics that mesmerize us as they flow from the heart and lips of new comer Tru Almighty, a seasoned Hip-Hop artist in his own right. He hails from Greenville, South Carolina, a town that he describes as beautiful but quietly deadly; at least for a young black boy trying to navigate his way safely to manhood. As his music so aptly describes, Tru Almighty’s life has been filled with ups and downs, and pitfalls that he has not always avoided. But after losing one friend to illness and another to tragedy, music became Tru Almighty’s savior. His lyrics entice you to follow him on his journey; every note, every word, of every song.

At first listen, you hear the essence of what makes Tru Almighty different from other rappers that are out today; you hear truth, his truth, uncompromised. He is thought provoking in his lyrics, delivery, and timing. Tru Almighty is not to be mistaken as a rapper who doesn’t know how to party. He parties as hard as any red blooded youngster. This is evident on his club bangers “Hottest in the City” and “Wanna See Me.” But don’t be fooled. Really listen to what he is saying, especially on “Wanna See Me.” On this track, he sings about the envy and self-hate that causes one black man to want to kill another. The envy and hate that causes one man to want to see another dead before they see him leave the streets and make it to manhood; to survive, to live.

If you ask him who inspires him musically, Tru Almighty’s answer is not what you would expect from a rapper just starting out. He doesn’t run off a list of names of well-known rappers, but instead simply says “I’m inspired by many but want to be like no one. I just want to be me.” Tru Almighty is like no one and yet his music feels so familiar, but it is just that good. So good that it makes you feel as if he has been on the radio, your iPod, or your iPhone for years now. He hasn’t yet but he will be. Keep Listening.

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