Troubled Generation, For The Passion & Dedication

Work 003

Troubled Generation is a hip hop soul duo with same blood running through their veins. Being brothers makes it so much deeper than just music. Even across the universe, their energies will still be connected. Growing up on the east side of Houston’s inner city in Pleasantville, the hip hop music, art, fashion, and culture as a whole had a major impact on what they drove ourselves create.

Their environment, the obstacles they faced, tears and blood shed, all of the different types of people they’ve come across, mixed with sick imagination, became a muse and an outlet for them to express who they really are. Their side of town is the most slept on because it is the blue collar industrial area. Mostly chemical plants and ports. As a result, it is flourishing with disregarded potential and is a ticking time bomb.

With all intentions to push to the front line of this movement, Troubled Generation isn’t the type to need all of the attention in the room. When they rhyme they seek to be felt, speak the truth, let their lights shine, and touch souls. Although their quest is to go down in history amongst legendary story tellers, visionaries, and geniuses, they feel like they’re only vessels who were blessed with gifts for the glorification of God.


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