Troop, Harking You Back To The 80’s


With a meaning of Total Respect Of Other People, TROOP is multi-platinum and every 80’s teenage girls heart throbbing male R&B group that is making a comeback with forbidden pleasures for their fans. Consisting of John Harreld, Rodney Benford, Reggie Warren, and Steve Russell (Steve Russell Harts), the 4 member group has entrancing voices backed by sophisticated dance moves that are still as majestic as the once were.

It’s no kept secret that TROOP has attained towering achievements with their amazing breakthrough music. Leaving their fans waiting long enough, they’ve decided that it’s time to step into the limelight once again. Be sure to brandish your passport and get it stamped with unexpected pleasures that will symbolize the inner peace of real R&B.

TROOP currently has two singles, Not in a Million Years and Santa Can You Help Me. Just wait until your ears hear the masterpieces which harks you back to real music: the 80’s.

Official website:
Twitter/Instagram: @Trooprnb

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