Tristan Alexander, Jiaying


Fayetteville, North Carolina’s Tristan Alexander is a producer and performer who’s developed quite an obsession with composition, sound engineering, remixing, and overall production. It’s that very obsession that’s fueling his passion to push his limits and exceed expectations.

During the progression of his career, Tristan has self-taught himself how to produce, mix, and master. He’s been blessed to work with various artists and has toured with many acts as lead guitarist/soloist to gain experience and perspective. The one shining moment that’s above all else is playing guitar for a handicapable girl outside of a church who started dancing to his playing. It was later divulged that it was her time ever dancing.

Moving forward into the future, Tristan will seek to perform on larger stages and to create a platform to help producers rise to the top as well. He also finds the prospects of a 360 deal attractive.

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