Trav Marquee, Duality


Trav Marquee blesses us as he recently released his rookie album “Duality” on May 28th. The album is a breath of fresh air of sorts. With a rather ravaging East Coast feel, “Duality” incorporates a sonic complexity that infuses a deliberate point of view. “Duality” delivers a solid 15 song track list with features that range from Denver singer Leona Harper, to California vocalist Ian Bruce. “Duality” seems to offer the listener a blue/red pill choice of perception with songs like “Pyramids” featuring Leona Harper and the more up-tempo but lyrically heavy “What You Want.”

Trav also shows the vulnerability of love in his single featuring Danae Simone, “The Fall,” which possesses a Romeo & Juliet kind of theme. Like most Hip Hop Trav gets to the basics of his dual nature by being rather braggadocios on “Mastermind” and “Still.” “Exodus” has a strong cultural relevancy that offers excitement from start to finish. It touches on the recent Baltimore riots and even has an Eric Garner inspired hook thanks to A Meazy and Trav.

All of the featuring artists on “Duality” seem to fit perfectly with the overall theme of the album. Stellar production from U-Dub, Sosa, and The Cratez makes “Duality” an instant independent classic.



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