Too Stoned, Latino Spitting Bars


Born in the Capital of Latin America, Miami, Too Stoned resides in Cutler Bay south of his birth city. He credits his brother for being his influence growing up in a divorced household and it’s his brother who introduced Too Stoned to the Hip Hop lifestyle. The two used to freestyle and what started as a hobby soon turned into a passion. Now he’s not only chasing his dream but a career as well.

Too Stoned is aspiring to bring Hip Hop back to what it once was and show the world that there is more to it than just wordplay. It’s a lifestyle, a culture, one that brings influence to any ear that is listens. He want to be become the new face of Hip Hop and Miami showing that Latinos can spit bars too.

Official website:
Instagram: @therealtoostoned.teamg
Twitter: @Too_Stoned305
Facebook: @Arturo Martinez

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