Tony Banks, High Powered


Where others fear to tread, Tony Banks takes his daily stroll. A vocalist and producer, Tony Banks has awakened the musical world with a new and unique sound. Embracing, rather than tossing aside the sexual power of music. Tony Banks is a recording artist and bear community activist. Growing up in Queens, NY in the 1980’s he became very fond of music and creating music. At the age of fourteen Tony began writing and splicing rhymes and eurythmic tones and soon after got an internship at a local recording studio where he learned the art of producing and recording. Learning that sound is not only what you hear, but more importantly what you feel.

Armed with this knowledge, new experiences, and having found his voice, he began creating music directed towards the bear/big boy community with sexual tones and lyrics to open your eyes. His no apologies, no holds barred lyrics certainly sets Tony in a class all his own. But his music is more than just about sex, it encourages others to explore themselves to find their inner animal and live life to the fullest. His sound is a mix of pop, hip-hop, soul, and dance. His lyrical content matches his high-powered personality and Tony is making his own way in the LGBT music scene. Much like Grease boasted “We’re Gonna Rule the School,”

Tony has taken his role as class president. He is breaking hearts, inspiring fantasies, encouraging a new generation of self -exploration, and if you’re lucky, Tony will be coming to a stage near you.

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