Tommy Osiris Is Nostalgically Ahead Of Time

With lyricism and rhythm, Tommy Osiris’ making an impact­ in today’s music. The dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to take his work to pro status is inevitable. Don’t forget when you hear this artist’s music on national and international airwaves that we predicted Tommy Osiris’ success.

This African American hip hop recording artist from Detroit, MI began to craft a place for himself by creating a sound that’s been called “nostalgically ahead of time” or “tomorrow’s nostalgia.” Tommy Osiris is mixing the vintage emotion of the 90’s and early 2000’s with modern appeal. Although he’s still understanding how to better his sound, he has a tight grab on how to deliver abstract wordplay over any instrumental his ears can capture.

This burgeoning artist’ debut song “LA Vybe” was featured on Top21 mixtapes in 2016. That same year he was featured on Detroit’s digital art magazine Capella Magazine and his debut music video “$wank Papi” included a special appearance by Hollywood model Aria London. In 2017 Tommy Osiris continued to expand his reach and even made his first radio appearance on Los Angeles’ Power 106 Mic Drop. No Sealing is his debut mixtape which will have him remixing and freestyling over the hottest beats of 2017. Afterwards he and fellow producer theGODSON have a project cooking up.


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