Tokyo Trendz, Musical Swiss Army Knife


“I’m a young creative that’s running wild with ideas”

Tokyo Trendz is the definition of the starving artist. He has an insatiable hunger for success. Tokyo (Tyrell Dixon) has been immersed in music since an early age. With a former DJ in a father and a mother who loved to sing, it didn’t take long for him to fall in love with music. The 22 year-old Hampton, Virginia native doesn’t limit himself to just being a rapper. He knows the importance of being an artist. In addition to rapping, he sings on his records while also producing many of his tracks. His ability to play the piano, guitar, and ukulele adds yet another tool to his Swiss army knife set of skills.

In the last two years he’s dropped two projects: “The Inspired Tape” and his recent EP “Infinite.” Tokyo’s sound is an infusion of many genres. Its primary base is an eclectic blend of a hip-hop, pop, and indie atmosphere that always finds a way to create something special. Currently unsigned, he is a part of the music collective Mutant Family, a group of highly talented rappers. Tokyo has all the tools to become a bright star in music.

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